Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"even in his heart the devil has to know the water level..."

I (finally) ran again tonight. I had plans to run last night at the gym, but I got sidetracked, so I made sure I did it after class today. I'm not sure how far I ran. I basically ran from campus to the entrance of the Claremont Wilderness Park and up the first hill and then back. I was running for time, an hour round trip. I think my pace was about 9 min/mile. The run up to the park is uphill all the way, gradual, but it gets to you. I realized running back how much I had ascended when I was basically looking down on the street on the way back. As it was downhill, I, of course, ran the second half faster than the first. I'll measure the distance next time in my car, but in my estimation it was about 7 miles. I felt out of it the whole run. My shins tightened in the first half, but even the downhill was uncomfortable. I think I just haven't run enough since the marathon. I'll try to get back in the game next week.

Other news...Monday was the Broken Social Scene show. An awesome show that soared from beginning to end. I usually get bored somewhere in the middle of a concert, but I was pretty much entertained and gripped during the whole BSS set. There were some lulls, tuning the guitars and the band chit-chat, but overall it was a terrific show. It's hard to go wrong when you have upwards of 16 band members, 5 guitarists and 2 drummers. I'm also mightily impressed by the quality of gorgeous, indie-rock kids the band drew. I had whiplash craning my neck to check out the scenery.

All this week I've been procrastinating on school projects. I have a prospectus and bibliography due tomorrow for my film class, but I have yet to get started. I'm also presenting on In the Mood for Love but I have yet to organize my thoughts on the matter. I'm a wreck. I'll probably call in absent to work tomorrow to finish up everything.

Even with all the work I have to do, I found time to show my face at the department party. I only intended to stay for a half hour and eat the food, but I wound up staying for two hours. I talked mainly to the people I know. Then again, it's a small program, and I pretty much know everyone. Before I left, I spoke with one of my professors and I think she was a little drunk because she was strangely fascinated by the dancing going on. She asked me if there was a name to the dance the others were doing. I tried my best to explain to her the nature of the dancing, and before she could go on her theory regarding the dancing I switched the conversation to academics. Again I'm attributing it to intoxication, but the professor dogged the class I had with her last semester. She said the discussions were disappointing and felt that the students didn't know a lot, except me, of course. She apparently was stung by our evaluation of the class where we expressed a wish for her to do more teaching. There were only four students in the class and we took turns leading the discussions, and after a while, it felt like we were teaching her more than she was us. She did praise me, but I'm skeptical since I doubt she would disparage me to my face. She told me I should think about pursuing a PhD in film studies. I'm really not that interested right now, but perhaps in the future.

Back to work...

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