Monday, August 20, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

Had Carl Newman's nuptials been written up on the Sunday Weddings and Celebrations instead of in the "A Night Out With..." series it would have undoubtedly been the Announcement of the Week. I love the New Pornographers--even if their new album isn't as great as their previous. The celebration sounded like a lot of fun, though. Karaoke! David Cross! Neko Case singing sad songs about love!

But we have to stick by the rules, so instead we'll go with another music-related nuptial.

Jennifer Williams and Brian Raftery

Raftery used to write for Entertainment Weekly, often about music, but now he freelances. I liked his reporting there, and since then I would catch his byline on some other pieces that I've enjoyed on other magazines.

I wonder what he thinks of the new New Pornographers album?

-Brian Raftery's All Together Now blog


notoriouslig said...

I've known of Brian's pop culture expertise since he was a junior in high school. It was with that in mind that I noted his mention in the NYT, but was more impressed by his making it into the pages of your blog!

Raul! said...

I bet I can take him in a pop culture quiz. Bring it on, Raftery!