Monday, August 06, 2007

Song of the Week: Golden Inhibition Destroyer

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Download: Warm in the Wake - "Golden Inhibition Destroyer"

Warm in the Wake's Gold Dust Trail EP has been a wonderful surprise this year. With their southern rock-inspired sound, the band offers a set of solid, pleasing songs. Some might accuse them of being My Morning Jacket ripoffs, but they're far from that. The songs swirl and toss you in unexpectedly blissful directions.

"Golden Inhibition Destroyer" is the highlight of the EP. The lyrics obtusely speak of pessimism (And there's carbon and there's love/Which one will burn up/Oh, guess which one), but the sweet concoction of guitars, chimes, and piano speak of sweet tea and playful days out in the sun. When the piano and drums crash and careen in the end, just watch out!

Warm in the Wake's LP, American Prehistoric, comes out August 28.

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