Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Necesito Zapatos

New Running Shoes (2), originally uploaded by lint01.

Still running here. I ran 10 miles this weekend and felt pretty good. I'm still not certain if I'm training for a marathon or not but at least I'm maintaining my fitness.

What doesn't feel good are my legs. I really need to get new shoes. My Sauconies aren't absorbing the shock any more and now I'm feeling it in my knees and hips and lower back. I wasn't planning on running tonight since I'm going to the Dodger game but even if I wasn't I really shouldn't. My legs feel beat up.

I did run with Corey yesterday and did about four miles. It was a good pace, but I could feel the shock and stress on my joints during the run. All of a sudden I feel old.

Budget-wise I'm considering holding back until after the 12th (when a new credit card cycle) starts to buy the shoes. For now, I may switch to an older but less beat up pair. If I see a sale, though, I'll jump right on it. If anyone knows where I can get Omni Grid 5's or 6's for cheap let me know.

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