Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Song of the Week: "Ice Cream"

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Download: Muscles - "Ice Cream"

Muscles' "Ice Cream" was a song I enjoyed when I first heard it a few months ago but soon after neglected. Now with summer on full blast, it's the perfect song for the season with the right message: ice cream, indeed, is going to save the day--it will save ANY day.

It's a dance anthem in the LCD Soundsystem vein but perhaps a little more simplistic. The pleasures of the song is in its inane simplicity, from its "WOOH AHH..." opening to its Casio beats. Like its namesake, it uses the simplest of ingredients to make you happy. The song is about good, clean highs ("I just want to dance with my shirt off") when mean, ugly people keep intruding ("He could have a knife/Stabe me in the gut!"). Muscles perseveres, though, and delivers one of the most brainlessly appealing songs of the year. I'm sure some folks will detest the song as somewhat moronic, but ice cream isn't for thinking. It's for licking.

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