Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Long Day Becomes a Long Weekend

It has been a long day. I came into work earlier than I normally do, but early for me is just the usual time for most workers, so I'm not even going to mention the actual time. I had some work I needed to get done, so my boss asked me to come in. However, I thought that by coming early I'd get to also go home early. It didn't quite work that way. We were rushing to get the program book for our upcoming event ready and sent to the printers and due to some last minute additions, we didn't finalize until almost 7 tonight. So much for going home early.

When I got home I only had time to change and then head on out to Jane's birthday shindig in Hollywood. I walked to the Metro but wound up missing the train by a minute, which was stupid of me since there was already a Rapid bus waiting at the corner that I could have hopped on earlier. So I waited another 12 minutes for the next train. When I got to the Wilshire/Vermont station, the North Hollywood train I was going to transfer on was just departing. So I had to wait twenty minutes. With plenty of time to kill I decided to do the "legal" thing and tap my TAP card at the reader. I rode the longest escalator up to the top by just standing. I had 20 minutes to kill. When I got to where the TAP readers should be I discovered they were not there. Metro had installed new turnstiles, so now the readers are even farther away--up another flight of stairs towards the entrance. What a hassle. Since they were installing new turnstiles and readers anyway I don't know why they didn't install more convenient readers right by the staircases between the two platforms. It's just silly. Ultimately I made it to the Well before 9, but the trip an hour because of the bad transfers.

The celebration was a lot of fun even if the food at the Well was very bland. I had vegetable potstickers, which were not enough to satisfy my hunger, so I ordered hummus with pita bread. The hummus lacked flavor. I still ate most of it, though, because I'm that kind of guy. The prices are low, so that's something good. We wound up staying much longer than anticipated, but I had a great time. There were also a lot of cute guys for us to check out, including Jane's cute French triathlon coach. Afterwards we walked a few feet away to the Waffle for some late night breakfast.

Now it's 4 am and I'm still up. I thought for sure that I'd be tired by midnight but I'm actually wired. I'm sure, though, f I close my eyes now I'll fall asleep with no problem In fact, my eyes are already getting heavy.

Tonight was the start of a long weekend for me. Tomorrow I'll be home for my Dad's birthday. My sister says he wants steak, so that's where we'll take him. I also have a mountain of laundry that needs washing. Sunday is a bit vague for now. I hope to run 16 miles on Sunday morning and maybe take up an offer to check out the Scottish Festival at the Queen Mary. Sunday evening will be with friends. Monday will be a day off but my only preliminary plan is to go with Nate, Christine and Jane to the Rose Bowl and ride around for a bit. If not, I also have a lot cleaning that needs to be done. This weekend will be an effort of of keeping busy to distract the mind from everything...a note about this post: I actually started falling asleep while writing it and when I read the last paragraph there were all kinds of gibberish in it. One moment I was writing about riding with Nate, et al. and the next I was writing something about going for the gold. Good thing I had enough coherence to save the post and finish it this morning. And now it is done.

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