Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Trivial Victory

Pochi Pochi won again at trivia! We've been on a roll these last few months. I can't remember the last time we finished lower than second. Tonight we won in a dominant fashion by scoring 117 points, outdistancing the second place team by 20 points. As usual, the sports questions were the ones that gave us trouble. There were a few history questions tonight and even a flower question, which we miraculously got right. A friend of Clint's joined us tonight, but I think we may have overwhelmed her with our testosterone.

Since I didn't run last night I promised myself I would run tonight. Rather than order my usual Guinness at Casey's, I went with a lighter beer, a Hoegaarden. A pint of Guinness renders me almost too lethargic for any activity. It just sits in my stomach and I feel like I've eaten a bowl of rice. So I lived up to my promise and ran six miles, my normal route. It wasn't a great run. I felt a little bloated and, as I have been all week, I was distracted and couldn't focus on my breathing and pace. Still it's an accomplishment just to get out there and run. I'm planning to run again tomorrow night, a slightly longer run perhaps. Maybe I'll pick an eating establishment as my destination and reward.

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