Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rabbit Night

Ostensibly, I gave up eating red meat for Lent. Then I got the invitation from Rob and Theresa to come over for dinner and get a taste of Rob's braised rabbit that he bragged about when we had rabbit stew at Lucky Baldwin's. So what to do? Well, rabbit meat really isn't red, is it?
The Chef
Rob's rabbit (from a Jamie Oliver cookbook) was as delicious as he claimed. It's wonderful comfort food. Rob didn't stop there, though, he tops himself by giving us a coffee cardamom pots de creme for dessert. A pots de creme is like a flan or creme brulee without the caramelized top. It was so delicious. What's not to like about a coffee dessert? I wanted to lick the ramekin clean and maybe ask for another. Thank goodness I'm running in the morning.

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