Sunday, July 17, 2005

07.16.2005: 6 Miles

Distance: 6 miles
Time: 59 minutes
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: This was a grueling run. I just never felt good the entire way. I felt great during last weekend's 10 miler, but this six miler was just a struggle the whole way through. I felt tired and out of breath most of the way. It might be due to lack of sleep. All week I've been averaging about four hours, and the on Friday night, I slept only three hours. I'm going to take Monday off from running and just lift weights during my lunch break. It's a step back week anyway, and it will help the cut on my ankle heal. The cut was kicked about three times on Saturday. It's never going to heal if I keep doing that. Next weekend we'll be doing 12 miles, so I'd like to be healthy for that.

Breakfast was great. I ordered eggs over easy with Italian sausages and potato pancakes. I've been eating eggs a lot recently. I should cut down if I'm serious about losing some weight.

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