Wednesday, July 27, 2005

07.26.2005: Hill Training #4

Distance: approx. 7 miles
Time: N/A
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: Another hot and challenging run today. The Indian runs were fine until the last two that I had to do. By then I had spent most of what I had and I was gasping for breath as we finished at the clubhouse. In a way it is getting easier, but just not easy enough.

The actual hill training was challenging mostly because I had to do nine repeats tonight. The weather wasn't much of a factor. It turned into a pleasant night once the sun went down. The toll of running, sprinting up and and down the hill nine times wore me down. Next week I do ten.

Needless to say, I am tired and very sleepy. Tomorrow is an optional running day, so I'll most likely skip any running. I also skipped yesterday. I'm becoming very lazy about running now. I blame it on the weather. I could really have used an ice-cold Heineken at the end of the run. The thought of it just makes me thirsty.

MMM, beer!

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