Thursday, July 21, 2005

07.19.2005: Hill Training #3

Distance: 6+ miles?
Time: N/A
Location: Rose Bowl
Notes: I know it's 2 AM, but I'm having fun with my new laptop.

The third hill training was last night. A bit smaller crowd, still sizable, though, but I can't fault those who didn't show up. It was hot and muggy. It made for miserable running conditions. When I arrived at the Rose Bowl at around 6:30, the temperature was still in the 90's. After the Indian runs I didn't think I would stop sweating. Miserable experience, I tell you. The hill running wasn't any better. This week, being the third hill workout, several of us ran up and down the hills instead of just walking down the hill. It made it much tougher, what with the weather and all. Yet I still did all eight repeats.

I'm going to take it easy the rest of the week. No running today, 7/20, and I doubt I'll get a run in tomorrow, so the next time I run may be Saturday for the twelve miler.

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