Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Work today was relentless--a bunch of little projects being thrown at me. The last few days had been pretty light, but that doesn't make today's inundation any better. A day like today makes me long for the great birthday weekend I just had. Yes, this weekend I turned 31. I'm marching my way right through my 30s.

With no further ado, here was the weekend in pictures.

September 15

7:30 AM - Meeting FJ and Andy for a run at the Rose Bowl
Birthday Run

9:30 AM - Getting a birthday haircut from Eric at Tantrum
New Haircut

10:30 AM - Starbucks breakfast

12:00 PM - Picking up tickets to Wolf Parade at the Glass House
The Glass House

6:30 PM - After doing laundry and taking a much-needed nap, I blew out my birthday candles with the help of my niece and nephew
Blowing Out the Candles

11:45 PM - Wolf Parade's awesome show lets out,
The Glass House

September 16

3:15 PM - Checking out the classic cars at SGV Pride in Pasadena

5:30 PM - Climbing up the walls

7:00 PM - Exhausted but still looking good
Lovely Ladies


Anonymous said...

You have a good life, my friend. Happy BD, you old goat!


an older friend

Raul! said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes, older friend! Life is indeed good, which I sometimes forget in the ceaseless striving for something unidentifiably better.