Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

I'm not a fan of spoiled rich kids, but this week's groom, while an heir to the Vanderbilt and Whitney fortune, may be one of the good, well-adjusted ones.

From the New York Times

Jocelyn Hunter and Josiah Hornblower

Hornblower isn't simply living off his family's money and name, he has an actual job as a portfolio manager in San Francisco. He also appeared in the 2003 documentary, Born Rich, where he was one of the few Children of Privilege profiled to come off as sensible and decent. Ivanka Trump, too, emerged as a laudable figure in the documentary. Many of the rest were rotten narcissists who seem content not to do anything worthwhile with their lives. I believe money can make you happy, but if you're already rotten at the core, money wil just exacerbate your base values.

In the documentary, Hornblower appears as a normal guy who wants to do good work. He worked two years at an oil field and came to the conclusion that working hard makes him feel good, and he seems to be following through on that. Watching Born Rich was fascinating in an irritating way as I just about wanted to punch most of the kids, but Hornblower offered one of the few amusing lines of the documentary when referring to the Whitney Museum, he wryly asks, "Don't you have a family museum?"


Anonymous said...

the picture you display is of the groom with a woman other than the bride. Thats super tacky of you.

Raul! said...

I didn't realize! I seriously thought it was both of them. I'll try to find another picture. I usually try to find, if possible, other pictures than the ones the NY Times uses. Apologies if you're a friend of the couple.

Anonymous said...

That *is* the bride. The original poster may not know or recognize her, but that is her.

Anonymous said...

Yup, agreed, that is his wife.