Tuesday, September 04, 2007

This Week In Running

I'll try not to talk too much about how hot it was this weekend, but it was hot--a real scorcher. Despite the heat, though, I got in a couple of runs over the long weekend. Since this was started as a running blog I'll try to post more regularly about my running, at least once a week, so hopefully this new weekly feature will keep me regular. Heaven knows I'm quite consistent with the Songs and NY Times Wedding Announcements every week.

Monday, August 27

approx. 5 miles
Where: Santa Monica
Notes: The easiest to navigate of the three Nike runs I did last week, but somehow it's not my favorite. The course is quite ideal, running along the dirt trails of Palisades Park before a short uphill run near the Stairs and up to 14th Street. Not a very demanding course but it does feel long.

Tuesday, August 28

Distance: 5+ miles
Where: Hollywood/Los Feliz
Notes: It's smoggy, hot, crowded and the course is full of demanding hills and uneven sidewalks, yet this is my favorite run of the week. It's a smaller group that runs here, so I've won a couple of raffle prizes including a gym bag last week. Last week's run had the additional wrinkle of having to dash off to the Greek Theatre to meet up with FJ and Andy for the Crowded House show. I made it to the show, but I sweated like a pig walking up to the Greek.

Thursday, August 30

5 miles
Where: Beverly Hills
Notes: Eh. We had to be on our best behavior because apparently neighbors have complained. We never got a good move until halfway through. Too many lights and not enough real estate to run on. We also had to dodge more people, but I did like seeing all the glamorous diners as we ran by sweaty and stinky. I hoped that we ruined their experience a little.

Saturday, September 1

6 miles
Where: Rose Bowl
Notes: FJ and I had hopes of doing eight. We did six instead. It was too damn hot! Even the six miles was embarrassing in how long it took us to do it. We stopped a lot and chit-chatted, taking advantage of every walk break. I wanted to join FJ and Katie for a Sunday morning run to make up for the bad run on Saturday, but when I awoke I was already sweating, so I went back to bed and tried to cool off. I hate this weather.

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John P. McCann said...


I see you also met Mr. Heat this week.

It's 80 degrees today and I'm ready to put a quilt on the bed.

Catch you at the Bowl!