Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This Week in Running

This week in running was an overload. I ran every day except Friday, so that by Sunday my legs were feeling the strain. It was a good week, though, with some strong workouts.

Monday, 9/3

Labor Day, but I still showed up in Santa Monica to run 5+ miles with the Nike folks, and this was after being on my feet most of the day painting my apartment and moving furniture in 100 degree temperature.

Tuesday, 9/4

Ran again with the Nike folks--well, I tried. I got there late and had to play catch up, which I did, but by the time I caught up I was moving so well that I ran past the group on my own. Definitely a good, strong run.

Wednesday, 9/5

Met up with Frontrunners for 4+ miles. Some new folks showed up that night, so now I'm no longer the newbie. Good run, ran on my own since the Jeffs weren't there, so I wasn't pushed as hard as I usually am. All the better considering the hard running for the week.

Thursday, 9/6

Beverly Hills. Started with the 9 minute group and finished with the lead pack of the 8 minute group. I haven't been using a watch, but the pace leader--who stopped the clock at every stop light--said we ran a 7:30 pace. Personally I include all the time spent dawdling since it's recovery time, but I won't argue if someone told me I ran well.

Saturday, 9/8

8+ miles. FJ and I were supposed to run together and Andy wasn't going to join us. Just before I was about to get dressed, though, FJ called and couldn't make it. I was going to go back to bed, but I failed. I considered heading out to Griffith Park to run with the Frontrunners when Andy called--he wasn't going surfing after all. He wanted to run, I was ready to run, so we met up and ran about eight. I'm not really sure how far we went since we took a different route coming back, but we were out running for about an hour and a half, so we at least did eight miles.

Sunday, 9/9

When FJ cancelled I mentioned we should make up the run on Sunday. This was before I knew Andy and I were actually going to run. I met up with FJ at 8 and we ran the southside. By the time we were heading back from the horse stalls my legs were aching. The run couldn't end soon enough. I thought we ran a slow 9+ miles, but as it turned out, we were fast. We did it in 1:21. Maybe that's why my legs were feeling it.

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