Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

This week's Announcement isn't quite a workplace romance, but the seed was planted there.

Daisy Wademan and Luc Dowling

I went on recruiting dinners when I worked at an accounting firm, but I really only went for the free meals. The conversation was always dull and rote.

My favorite part of this announcement is their shared love for Paris and the spontaneous weekend getaway they go on, which basically was their second date. I'm not terribly spontaneous, but if someone asked me to go on a long weekend trip, I would probably say "yes" after the initial doubts about the prudence of packing up on short notice. I've done it before. I just need the right motivation.

The announcement also points out that Ms. Wademan is a descendant of Miles Standish and of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins. I have no idea who these people are or if we're supposed to be impressed by it. I see this a lot in the NY Times announcements. Often it's a prominent, recognizable ancestor. Still, regardless of their prominence, if you're 200 years removed from that ancestor, it's not all that pertinent to know. It's interesting trivia. I'd be more interested in knowing about the couple's interests than where they descended from.

In any event, congratulations to the happy couple.


Mary Lou said...

Miles came over on the Mayflower and helped colonize America. Pilgrims and all that stuff.

Raul! said...

Thanks! Now I know. It's cool info, but not so pertinent really, unless they were descended from Jesus.