Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dinner at Monty's

Monty's, originally uploaded by BlueAlgae.

I have never lived in Pasadena, but I still feel like it's my second home and as such I'm fully aware of Monty's place as a beloved restaurant. As a building it's not much to look at, and the interior is only slightly more inviting, but the food--I heard-- was something else. It has been on my list of places to eat, but I've been saving it for a special day since it is a bit pricey.

When news hit that Monty's will be closing this Saturday, though, I mobilized the TNT crew and we made reservations for dinner last night. Our check was huge, but I think everyone enjoyed their meals. I sure did. The NY cut I ordered was juicy and cooked to perfection. I could have ordered another one. I'm not a fan of baked potato, but the one at Monty's--dressed tableside--is quite good. Even dessert was good. The bread pudding was the best I've ever had.

Good food, good friends, a good night. I'm sorry that I only had this one chance to eat at Monty's, but I'll surely remember it. There is a location in Woodland Hills, though, so if I ever crave bread pudding again I can trek over there.

Farewell, Monty's!

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