Friday, June 22, 2007

Si, See Sea Wolf!

I won tickets to Sea Wolf's show last night at the Echo, so I had the opportunity to see them again for the fourth time (or is it fifth?).

As a frontman, Alex Brown Church has grown more comfortable in the role. Where in his earlier performances he looked awkward and aloof, Church seemed more at ease last night, even bantering a little with the crowd. The set, too, has evolved. I recall being a little bored the first time I saw them because the songs were predominantly slow and acoustic. Sea Wolf is by no means a hard rocking band now, but they now have a more diverse set that includes more faster-paced songs, providing Church and his bandmates an opportunity to let loose. Still, the moddy, heart-on-sleeve, sad-sack songs are still Sea Wolf's best assets, andy dispersing them throughout, the set progressed well. Of course they capped off their set with "You're a Wolf" and returned for a two-song encore that included "Black Dirt," a highlight of the evening.

And, after messing up the lyrics to "Middle Distance Runner" the last two times I saw them, Church finally ran through the song with no slip-ups.

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