Saturday, June 09, 2007

Write Here, Write Now

I got my hair cut today. It's nice. My stylist is a really cool guy and he does a great job, not to mention that he only charges me $20. Despite being a stylist, he's straight. My gaydar says so, and he's engaged to be married next month and has a daughter, but I suppose these things in themselves are not proof that he is, indeed, heterosexual. He did give me a hug today after my appointment, albeit a man hug--a hand shake followed by an embrace with the left arm and two taps on the back. I tend to be faithful to my stylists but I've never been hugged by one before. This was a first, and I like it! I'm all for the personal touch.

Introducing James Morrison

After work yesterday I headed off to Dutton's in Brentwood for James Morrison's reading of his new book, The Lost Girl. Prof. Morrison was my writing instructor in graduate school, and he's a wonderful teacher, so I was more than happy to come support him and his new book.

I would love to be a working writer, but to be one I need to write. Since graduating last year, I have been a terribly undisciplined. I've started a couple of stories but have yet to finish one. I also have yet to send out some of my better pieces to be published. Laziness is partly to blame, but fear is also a factor. I suppose by not trying I can say that I'm not a writer yet because I simply haven't made an effort. But should I try and still not succeed it would be a heartbreaking disappointment. It's possible I could succeed, but the fear of failure is overriding that possibility in my psyche. I need to just bite the bullet and make a go at it. No excuses!

Being at the reading last night reminded me how much I'm letting myself down. I really could do better, and I need to learn that failing isn't so bad. It's how you respond to failure that distinguishes a man. Then again, I've said and thought all this before and see where I am. I know what needs to be done but I just need the courage to do so.

As Mariah Carey once said: make it happen.

Pick up Prof. Morrison's new book. I hear it's quite good.

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