Monday, June 11, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

Apologies for not having an Announcement of the Week last week. Marathon weekend kept me away from my laptop and when I finally got home I was too tired to do any posting. I still intended to post an Announcement, though, but after reading through last week's batch I couldn't find one worthy of being called the New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week. Rather than taint the prize, I opted to not select one last week.

This week's batch isn't that much better. The last two weeks featured The L Word-caliber lesbians getting hitched, and it being Pride weekend here in LA, one of these might have made for a good choice. However, I opted to feature a union that highlights a trend I noticed in three or four of the announcements this week.

Gray Holmes and William Hughes

I noticed this week that a few of the grooms are getting married just before they begin an MBA program. Mr. Holmes, for example, will be starting Harvard in September, which leaves his new bride to possibly be the primary breadwinner for a couple of years. It does sound like, though, that Mr. Hughes will be working while at school, but a few of the others seem to be tackling their MBA programs full-time. Are MBA programs the new Army now with couples getting married just before the hubby goes off to battle? No one can accuse the brides, though, of trying to tie down their future MBA hubbies before they hit the big time. The new Mrs. Hughes, for one, has an MBA herself from Harvard.

I also love that the bride will have the wonderfully colorless name Gray Hughes by taking on her husband's name. She'll never hear the end of it.

Also, one of my favorite local blogs, Franklin Avenue, mentioned me in his blog today. I'm so honored!

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