Friday, June 08, 2007

Rock N Roll (Marathon) Splits

Per my trustworhy IronMan watch, which is unfortunately in its last legs as the band is falling apart, here are my splits from the marathon. I stopped my watch at 3:44:46, just a mere two seconds off my official time, so I was quite an accurate time keeper. I did miss a few mile markers--missing the first two completely.

Based on the splits, I ran a very well-paced race. I only had one mile greater than 10 minutes, and that was a hill (mile 10). The very next mile, going down hill, I ran a 7:14 for my fastest mile of the race. Even in the latter stages of the race when I was beginning to feel miserable, I still managed to maintain my pace--and I ran a negative split for the very first time in a marathon by running the second half slightly faster than the first.

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1 comment:

JP Mac said...

Congrats on the pr, Raul.

I'm impressed that you only had 6 weeks to pull it together.

I had to back off of running because my calve told me to.

Hope to start again next week.

See you around the Rose Bowl.