Monday, October 08, 2007

The Chicago Marathon Sucked This Year

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The Chicago Marathon is one of the races that I'm eager to do, but thankfully I didn't do it this year. What is usually a fast course run in pleasant and ideal weather, turned into an agonizing march through the Second City as the heat and humidity led to cutting the race short. One runner died, a 35 year old police officer. It was the hottest Chicago Marathon ever, eclipsing the record heat of 1979. Hopefully this means that if I run the race next year, the chance of another heatwave occurring is nil.

Check John's blog for his firsthand account of the race. It looks like John finished the race but I know it was much slower than he usually does.


Anonymous said...

I think we should run this next year. Seriously.


a man who ran marathons before you were born!!

PS - Band of Horses suck!

Raul! said...

It's definitely a possibility. I'll submit my name.


were marathons still 26 miles when you first ran it?

You have no musical credibility