Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scenes From the Eagle Rock Music Festival

The Oinkster. I had a burger, fries and root beer. I craved an ube shake, but since I had a halo halo earlier, I resisted the urge.

American Tire Depot Stage
Get Out
A punk band called Get Out singing a song about Asian girls.

Teddy's Cheer Club
Teddy's Cheer Club
Teddy's Cheer Club. They were quite good.

Jessica Fichot
Fichot, For Sure
Jessica Fichot singing songs in French (and Russian and Chinese and English). I picked up her CD. It's delightful!

Sun Sets on Eagle Rock
Random scenes at the festival.

It was a great event--and free! Unfortunately my camera's batteries died on me during Fichot's set, so I have no pictures to show of other great bands like Bodies of Water and Dengue Fever. I left two songs into Under the Influence of Giant's set. They just weren't rocking my world. I highly recommend the festival, though. It's well-organized and the music, atmosphere and participants are awesome.

You rock, Eagle Rock!

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