Friday, October 19, 2007

These Calves of Mine

Although there were some rough spots during the half marathon on Sunday, my legs held up fine. I was barely sore in the end. By Monday's end my legs were back to normal. I haven't run since then making sure that my legs recovered. Tonight was the first run in four days, so it surprised me that barely a mile into our run my calves--both of them--stiffened up. They're still stiff now hours later.

I plowed ahead with the run and kept a very strong pace, but my calves were making it tough. By the end of the run it felt like I had baseballs for calves. Soon my hamstring too was acting up, along with my right quadricep. I doubt I can run for a couple of days now. My legs feel worse now than they did after the half marathon.

It's just one of those things you can't explain. It's probably residual stiffness from the race, or it could just be one of those nights. One thing for sure, I don't want it to lead to an injury.

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