Friday, March 23, 2007

Beck @ the Echo

I snagged a ticket to Beck's hastily scheduled show at the Echo last night. He came on stage early at 8:15, which was nice because it meant I could get home at a reasonable time.

I've never seen Beck live before, so to see him in a small venue for $15 was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. The show was basically a rehearsal for an overseas tour. He had trouble remembering how "Lonesome Tears" went and fumbled some lyrics. He played mostly songs from Guero and The Information, but threw in a couple of songs from Sea Change, including a bluesy "Paper Tiger," and "Lord Only Knows" from Odelay. Requests for "Loser" went unheeded.

Apart from the very tall guy who stood in front of me for a song, but who was nice enough to let me stand in front of him later, and the skeezy woman who wedged herself next to me and elbowed me out of my position, it was a terrific show. Beck's band put on a great show even if Beck himself was surprisingly restrained.

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