Friday, March 23, 2007

The Jenga Building

The Los Angeles Times has an article on the Sunset-Vine Tower, which is being converted into luxury apartments. When I lived in L.A. and worked out across the street I always imagined the building as a giant Jenga puzzle. Next time you play Jenga take a look at it in its stacking case and tell me I'm wrong.

As for the building's conversion, it seems like everything nowadays is being converted into luxury (i.e. too expensive for normal people) housing, which is much better than demolishing them altogether, a regular tendency of developers in Los Angeles. It would have been great had the Ambassador Hotel been converted into luxury apartments as opposed to what it looks like now: rubble. From what I've read so far, though, it doesn't seem like the Sunset-Vine Tower will look the way it used to. It will retain its slim figure but it will be glossier and shinier when it's all done. That's Hollywood for you.

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