Thursday, March 15, 2007

Four Wheels and Good (Downward) Dog

I got my car serviced this week and walked out $378 poorer. Belts and liquids had to be replaced, but bills like these make me wish I knew more about cars than I do. I can change the oil, but that in itself isn't a huge savings. It also makes me wish I didn't rely on my car so much. I love to drive, but I wouldn't mind living closer to the places I frequent and to mass transit options like the Gold Line. I'll never give up my car, but I'm sure I wouldn't mind giving it and me a few days off during the week. When I was in Europe last fall I loved taking the subway everywhere and walking. As it is, Papa Smurf has logged over 70,000 miles and he's still a month shy of his fourth birthday.

I saw this picture in the New York Times last night:

Photo by: Ken Stewart/Getty Images, for the New York Times

I wish my downward dog was as good as this guy's. I form a lopsided table with mine instead of the pyramid this guy has. I really need to practice, but it will have to wait until my knee is better. I was able to sleep much better last night. The Advils certainly helped, but the knee does seem a little better. Or I could just be getting used to it. I'm still limping badly and I can't put too much weight on it but I'm hoping that by the end of next week I can pick up running again.

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