Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Left Knee...

...was killing me last night!

I barely slept last night the pain in my left knee was so bad. I felt like jabbing a knife under my kneecap and pulling it out if it would make the pain go away. Ice and two Advils helped me get moving this morning, but boy does it still bother me.

Again, I have no idea how I injured it. All I have is a theory that because of my phantom left foot pain, I favored my left leg too much and while I was sleeping I must have strained my knee trying not to move my foot too much. I would think I would feel a sharp pain when that happened but I slept through and then woke up yesterday morning with the pain in my knee. However, it got worse last night. Using the elliptical probably wasn't a good idea yesterday nor was the quad stretch that I thought would help.

I'm hoping the pain will go away very soon. You really don't miss your knees until you can't use them effectively. What's saddest about this whole ordeal is that I am incurring these injuries when I'm not even running. I was mostly injury free all season long. At least this all didn't happen the week of the marathon. I would have been beside myself.

I'm also hoping that my right knee doesn't give way too. I'm just falling apart here.

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