Saturday, March 03, 2007

MARATHON WATCH 2007: 1 Day...

One day! I'm now feeling the rush of anticipation shooting through my finger tips. By this time tomorrow I should know whether or not I broke the four hour barrier.

I still haven't packed yet. I have everything that I need in terms of supplies, but it's just a matter of packing them all up. I plan on checking in at the Sheraton by 4pm, getting settled and heading down for the pasta party. I'm fairly calm but the excitement is running through me, so I doubt I'll sleep well at all tonight. I slept well last night, so I should be OK with only a few hours of sleep tonight. I'll wake up at 4am, shower, eat a little something, listen to music, and head down with the Team to the start line. I'm predicting that it will be a mad house tomorrow. It's a new course with new headaches. Transportation will probably be a bitch. Good thing I'm running it.

I had breakfast today at Heirloom with the gorgeous ladies of TNT. I had my oatmeal, part of my plan to ensure that I have no problems tomorrow morning with the toilet. I haven't started hydrating yet. I'll stop by the store on my way to the hotel and pick up a big jug of water and some breakfast items.

Folks keep asking if I'm ready. Of course I am. I've done the training. I'm as ready as I'll ever be. What I can't predict is how it will go and other factors I can't control. I'm worried about the weather. It was already in the mid 70's at 10:30AM today with no clouds, so I'm guessing it will be the same tomorrow. I guess it's more incentive for me to finish faster to avoid the warmest part of the day. It won't be ideal running weather, but we'll all have to manage. Pouring water over my head is always a good option.

I'm hoping it will just be a good running day tomorrow. I've had runs I expected to be rough ones either because I was tired or didn't get enough sleep but they turned out to be excellent efforts. I've also had runs where I felt like crap for no reason. Here's hoping that it's the former rather than the latter tomorrow.

I've avoided using the N word all through my post, but I'll admit it now. I'm nervous. It's a good kind of nervous, a natural nervousness. I'll be OK tomorrow. It's the anticipation that is so tough. It doesn't help that I keep on visualizing how I want to finish tomorrow. I want to finish strong. We'll give it a good effort and we'll see how it goes.

I really ought to start packing. I won't bring my laptop to the hotel so don't expect any entries until Monday, at the earliest. You can track my progress on the LA Marathon website. I'm bib #21680.

Wish me luck!

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