Friday, March 09, 2007

Meat Market

Last night I joined the gorgeous ladies of TNT to attend a bachelor auction in Venice benefiting the Westside triathlon team. I didn't bid on anyone because as much as I wouldn't have minded going out on a date with a couple of the guys, this was a strictly heterosexuals only auction. Regardless I had a great time hooting and hollering. We even had a celebrity sighting. Tim from this season's The Apprentice was there but not up for bid.

Gina and Audrey both landed guys. Audrey will be going on a date with a guy who ran for a position on the city council of Manhattan Beach this week but lost. Handily. He seems like a nice guy. Very tall. Gina bought herself a boy toy who will take her bungee jumping. He was born in the 1980s.

The men were mostly attractive. Some of them, including the ones Gina and Audrey bought, were relative steals. Some guys, for some reason, went for exorbitant prices. One guy, a slimy looking surfer, was snapped up for $700 while earlier a handsome actor with a killer body went for only $70. Women just have no taste in men.

Actually, while there, I wondered how much I would go for. I think I'm worth at least $100. In fact, earlier, while on the stationary bike at the gym, I caught a glimpse of a reflection on a glass door. "Ooh, who's that cute guy?" I wondered. After a couple of seconds I realized I was looking at my reflection. It's got to be a good sign when I would want to do myself.

All in all it seemed like a successful event. Some guys got their egos bruised while others got theirs boosted when women got desperate--or drunk--and bid up some guys much to their surprise.

I had a great time, though, and afterwards even watched turtle racing. It's not as much fun as you would think.

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