Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Case of the Wednesdays

The New York Times is conspiring to prevent me from moving to my neighborhood of choice. By the time I get everything in order to move I'm sure I won't be able to afford a place in Eagle Rock. Damn Yankees!

Maybe if I wait it out in West Covina a little longer it will become the hip place to live and I can claim to have lived there before it was cool.


Minor Tidbits

-My knee is feeling a little better. I have to constantly remind myself to not run. But I miss it so. Everytime I see someone jogging I get sad. At least I'm not wishing they break their knee.

-The wrong couple was eliminated on "Dancing with the Stars." It should have been Billy Ray Cyrus and his partner.

-The world is made up of two types of people: Chris R. fans and Blake fans. I'm firmly in the former camp. I have a feeling that Blake fans are people who would kill puppies just to watch them die. They're also most likely to have never heard anything by 311 and are mistaking the cute Muppet's renditions of these songs as inventive. They are wrong on so many counts.

-Oprah chose Cormac McCarthy's The Road as the next Book Club selection. I'm guessing after the Jonathan Franzen fiasco that the Harpo folks cleared McCarthy's appearance first. The great thing about McCarthy is that he has more than proven his credentials so that accepting the selection won't be seen as whoring himself. The Road also received stellar reviews and sold well, so it's unlikely to be seen as an act of desperation.

-Pitchfork was a little harsh on Fountains of Wayne. It's not their best album and it's very disappointing, but I would argue with Pitchfork's assertion that Fountains of Wayne are horrible lyricists. Their lyrics miss their mark in Traffic and Weather, which is why I'm disappointed, but their lyrical ingenuity has been proven in their previous albums. Even if they aren't great lyricists as Pitchfork claims, the band more than makes up for it with undeniable melodies and hooks. Unfortunately those hooks are less sharp in their new album.

I think that just about covered all my various interests.

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