Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Griffith Park burned again last night. Just last month another part of it was on fire. Last night's fire coverage, though, had the added urgency of the possibility that multi-million dollar homes would burn down. Last I heard none of them did.

My favorite quote from the LA Times this morning was from one of the affected residents, Michael Widman, a New Yorker who has lived in Los Feliz for five years.

He said, "I'm done with L.A."

I say, "What a wimp!"

It would be interesting to find out if he means it. If he does, good riddance. If he doesn't, a good, big earthquake ought to do the trick.

Last night's fire was too far away to really affect us at the SGV. However, running in Arcadia just before sundown, my lungs were burning. It made for a miserable workout, but I still managed to get in seven or eight Yassos. I lost track. I also wound up missing most of "American Idol," so I can't really comment on the performances. It looks like LaKisha will be bidding us farewell tonight. Stayin' alive, she might not be.

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Carey Anthony said...

This post reminded me of something I wrote about the Malibu fires a while back: