Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Lovely Weekly Hump

The fact that I have to get my car fixed is annoying. Aaarghh! Poor Papa Smurf. I should take comfort in knowing that it's not my fault and that I can leave it up to the insurance company to take care of it, but I'd rather that it never happened at all. No use worrying about it, though.

Let's focus on other things:

Today was the last day of AP tutoring. Tomorrow the students take their AP English test. I hope they do well, and I will see them next week one last time. Today we reviewed some key terms, but most of the time was spent answering questions about myself. Did I take the AP test? Did I pass? Where did I go to college? What was my GPA? The students were also curious about college life and hopefully I eased some of their anxiety over it. They're good kids.

Tonight LaKisha was voted off "American Idol." Nothing too surprising about her ouster. I did hear her sing her last song, and she absolutely massacred it. That muffed note at the end was almost embarrassing. She was obviously trying to prove that she has the vocal flexibility of Jordin, but sadly, she proved that she doesn't. Kiki was made for belting. When she was in the lower, softer register she sounded so lifeless and dull, and once again it sounded as if she was singing two different songs. There is never any flow in her performances.

The little bit of Blake I did hear sounded atrocious, too, and he probably deserved to go home as much as Kiki. However, being the lone man left, he was safe. Kiki was the expendable one. She could have done a better job of connecting to people. When she sang tonight, she was walking through the audience givingn high fives, but she still wasn't connecting with the people around her. She was high-fiving without the sincerity. It was also telling how Kiki didn't go sing next to the remaining contestants as the other eliminees usually do.

Kiki is a diva already.

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