Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I was asked for money by strangers three times today--and that does not include the guy standing by the freeway exit. It's not an uncommon thing to happen, but to be asked directly three times in one day by individuals who don't look desperately poor is a lot. I gave the first woman $0.35 to buy coffee. I gave the blue haired teenage girl on the Gold Line a quarter so she can make a call. I told the man at the gas station I had no money (a lie). Perhaps it's a sign that the economy is in trouble? Hopefully, the day will never come when I'll be desperate for money.

While I may never be desperate for money, the new job I'll be starting next week will require me to be more thrifty. Instead of going out for lunch I will have to start brown bagging it. Entertainment expenses will also have to be reduced, which means fewer concerts and movies. Drinking and restaurant excursions will also have to be minimized. I might have to start saying "No" more often than before. I trust that my financial situation will be temporary and that in a year or so my income will allow me to splurge on things once in a while.

I did have a second interview for a grantwriting job on Monday even though I had already committed to the other job in my mind. Still, I figured it wouldn't hurt to go to the interview. It was going to be a tougher job to land since they were looking for experience, but there I was anyway, one of three finalists. Despite having committed to the other job, I told myself I'd do my best in the interview. One of my little hang-ups; I want to win in everything that I do. That was the idea at least.

The interview, in my mind, went horribly. "Horrible" might be an exagerration. Let's just say it didn't go my way. I was fumbling my words and wound up making myself sound like a flaky worker. The VP who was my main interrogator also looked unimpressed and almost sounded offended with a questions that I asked.

Disappointed, I decided to go for some retail therapy after the interview. Their office is smack dab in the middle of an outlet store, so I walked straight from the interview to the mall. I bought two pairs of chinos, a dress shirt, a V-neck sweater and a cheap t-shirt at Banana Republic. The new job is business attire and for the last two and a half years I've been wearing jeans and t-shirts at my last client. It will probably be an adjustment to get so dressed up, but I don't mind. As long as I have comfortable shoes I'm fine.

I was perplexed on the drive home why my lousy performance at the interview left me disappointed. In my mind I was going to take the other job anyway, so really I just wanted this job for pride's sake. I kept telling myself to snap out of it. It's just another tendency of mine I guess. If someone wants me I'm not so interested. If someone doesn't want me I become determined to sway them and if that doesn't work I sulk for a bit. It really is like dating. In fact, we wound up using relationships as a metaphor during the interview when they asked me how I will know if the job isn't fulfilling. So, in this case, I say, "You're not that attractive anyway!"

I really shouldn't speak too soon. I have yet to hear the final decision. I'm guessing they're going to wait to tell me the news until their top choice officially accepts the job. I'd be shocked if I was offered the job. If they did I would have to turn it down for being unfit to properly carry out the duties, not to mention that I already accepted the other one. I'm sure I'll write all about it here.

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JP Mac said...

I actually like unemployment. I fill the time nicely. It just doesn't pay well, though.

Should be back to light running next week.

Best of luck with work.