Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ready for the Weekend

First off, I'd like to welcome all the visitors to this site from Harvard. It was quite a surprise to see a list of Harvard domain names checking out my blog. Apparently my selection of a Harvard-affiliated couple for this week's NYTWAOTW generated some interest. In any event, welcome! Are any of you single and looking?

Here I am about to turn in after a long first day at work. My first day and I already worked overtime. I was kept busy for most of the day. Of course the required orientation paperwork had to be done with HR, but I still have a long checklist of things I need to address. The second half of the day--the reason I had to stay until 7PM--was devoted to printing out invitations and RSVP cards for events taking place next week. Although I was busy, I didn't mind. I'd prefer to be busy than bored. I'm adjusting fairly well for a first day. Everyone's been very nice and I have offers for a couple of days this week for lunch. I might as well take advantage while we're in a honeymoon phase.

The work itself is simple enough. There's just a lot of it. There are some things I have to learn and get used to, but it should not be too difficult. I look forward to the day when I have my routine nailed down. Today is probably not a good basis to determine what a typical day would be like but it's demanding enough to develop a perspective on the demands of the job.

There are some things I have to become accustomed. For the first time in my professional career, I have my very own cubicle. My own--mine to decorate and personalize. In most of my other jobs I had to fend for myself, sit in what ever empty cubicle I could find. It's almost like owning your own home. It makes me feel I'm here for the long run and not just for the moment. The cubicle has my name. It's mine and I'm its. God bless cubicles!

I also have to work more now under someone else's direction. While I had guidelines in my other jobs, I've mostly operated on my own with little interference. This job is different.

Tomorrow I'm doing my first event and I also have some administrative duties and paperwork I need to complete.

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