Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Time is a Crooked Bow

I had my second interview yesterday, and it went well. Like the first it didn't feel like an interview at all. The director I spoke with is friends with an old college boss of mine and inquired about me. My old boss said some nice things, which I guess sold me to the director because she stated right away that she liked me and didn't interrogate me. So I guess that's a good thing. I'm also a little more intrigued by the job after she told me what she would like for me to work on. It sounds like it will be a lot more challenging and would require greater responsibility than the original job description suggested. Afterwards I took a test on MS Office skills, which I think I passed. The great thing about having had corporate jobs is the fact that I've used Excel practically every day. Mail merge is probably the best application on MS Office, so that wasn't a problem at all. There will likely be another round of interviewing, but right now things look promising. I'm still waiting to hear about a second interview for the East L.A. job.

It was almost rush hour when I got done, so I took a detour to Pasadena to run six miles at the Rose Bowl. It was still a little warm when I ran. I thought of running on the trails, but I decided not to since it just felt too eerie to run by where the body was found.

After the run I got dressed in my car and drove off to Amoeba Records in Hollywood to check out Andrew Bird's free show. The place was almost crowded when I got there an hour before show time, but I still found a good spot in the third aisle. Bird was amazing. It took a few minutes for him to adjust the sound quality and equipment but once he got going the songs sounded amazing. He started off with "Fake Palindromes" and then took off with "Fiery Crash." It's quite a sight to see Bird layer the sounds he creates, practically a one man orchestra. He also did "Nervous Tic" (wonderful!), "Heretics" (outstanding!), "Plasticities" (brilliant!), and "Dark Matter" (incredible!). He even threw in "Dr. Stringz" when prompted by an audience member. Afterwards he signed autographs. I didn't get in line since it was too long and I was starving. He's an amazing performer.

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