Sunday, May 20, 2007

Work It

I promised I would write something on the eve of my first day of work at my new job. However, I'm just too tired and too lazy to really write something of significance. Still, I did promise a post to mark the event, so here it is.

I spent a couple of hours doing some ironing today. This will be a regular thing from now on--Sundays behind an ironing board. Ironing is actually an enjoyable activity for me, as is laundry. It's just finding a block of time to do them that is difficult. I find them to be relaxing activities. I turn on the TV or pop on some music and I'm good to go for hours of ironing and laundry fun. It also helps when it's not hot, but with the summer coming, it will be an ordeal using a hot iron when it's 100 degrees outside. I ironed six shirts today just to be safe. I still haven't decided on what my first day outfit will be, but regardless of what shirt I choose I'm going to make it look good.

It's past 11 so I really ought to be in bed for my 5 AM wake up call. The problem is that I'm not sleepy yet. My regular bed time is 1 AM at the earliest, so going to sleep now is way too early for me. Fortunately I'm a little knackered so I may not have a problem sleeping. It's just getting myself to do it that is tough.

Well, I'll call it a night and report back tomorrow.

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