Monday, May 28, 2007

New York Times Wedding Announcement of the Week

This week's couple fell in love while at work with the help of some scheming on the groom's side.

HeeWon Khym and Luke Brindle

From the New York Times:

When the union moved later in 2003, Mr. Brindle, as an employee with seniority, was able to choose the location of his new desk. Mr. Brindle, who recalled he had been “smitten with Ms. Khym from the very beginning,” was determined to be near her. So he got a copy of the blueprints for the new office and plotted out the least desirable spot for a desk. He guessed that Ms. Khym, a recent hire, would end up sitting there.

Mr. Brindle chose the desk next to it.

To some that might sound a little stalker-ish. Not to me. I think that's romantic and sweet. I've done comparable things, but it has yet to work, though, so Mr. Brindle's success gives me hope.


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