Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Smog Still Gets In Your Eyes

Los Angeles once again topped the American Lung Association's list of metropolitan cities with the worst air. They do note that the air here has improved. As someone who grew up here, I can vouch for that. Back in the 1980s, growing up inland, the air can be so thick that you can feel it and taste it. I used to judge how good the air was based on whether I could see Mt. Baldy. If it was only 9am and I already couldn't see the mountain, then we were in for a rough day. I honestly can't recall the last time there was a strong smog warning. Are kids today still kept indoors when smog gets really bad?

If only people would stop moving here, maybe we can make some headway.

Oh, and this is my 200th post! YAY!

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