Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back to the Wood

I had an interview today in Westwood. I rarely make it over there these days, and it seems like every time I do the place is looking more different than I last remembered. The change this time was that the Mann National is closed for business.

What hasn't changed is the traffic. It took me less than an hour to get there, but that was before rush hour. Getting home took an hour and a half.

As for the interview, it was a first round interview and it seemed to go well. Perhaps too well. It felt like I was having a chat with the girls instead of being grilled. Perhaps I was lulled into thinking so and I was tricked into saying things that I wouldn't have otherwise. The ladies who interviewed me sounded positively giddy that I expected an offer right then and there. But no. I will hopefully be called in for another interview and a test to see how adept I am with the computer. I have my fingers crossed.

One thing I enjoy about the whole job interview process is the wearing of suits. I love wearing a suit. Not everyday, but it feels great to wear one now and again. I look damn good in a suit too. Sexy, even.

The best part of the day was that after the interview I had an hour left on my parking validation. So I walked around Westwood for a bit and bought a dozen Diddy Riese cookies. With some time left I slipped into Urban Outfitters. That turned out to be quite fortuitous. The store was having a winter clearance with already reduced stuff reduced a further 50%. I was able to get two blazers, a sweater and trousers for $70. $70! I love a great deal.

One final note. "American Idol" was a dud tonight. I know it was for a good cause, but the whole show just felt smarmy and insincere. The non-elimination was also a cop-out, but I expected it. I questioned the tastefulness of eliminating someone on a charity night. LaKisha lives to ruin one more American Idol champ's signature song.

Is "A Moment Like This" next?

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