Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who Sang It Best?

1. Melinda - She's firmly the best. This wasn't her best performance--the beginning was a bit unsettled--but she ended it with her usual brilliance.
2. Lakisha - She was guilty of trying too hard, but it was her best performance after two shaky weeks. She disregarded Tony Bennett's advice and threw in the "Ain't No Sunshine" part anyway.
3. Jordin - Great control and momentum. She's shaping up as the Kelly Clarkson of this season.
4. Chris R. - I didn't think it was his best performance, but he came off well in a musical style that could have ruined him.
5. Haley - Decent performance but still bland. Melinda would have hit that song out of the park. It's obvious she doesn't listen to the words she's singing and instead focuses on selling her looks more than the song. Still, she's far from the worst.
6. Sanjaya - Like I said before, the kid can sing. Not great, but not bad either. He still looked ridiculous, and it was very clear that those watching were more embarrassed for him than he was. He'll probably be around for a couple more weeks.
7. Gina - She sang it well but for someone who was supposed to be rock and roll, it was a cheesy song choice. It came off as fake and safe.
8. Phil - Creepy. If he was thinking of his wife while singing that song, it's time for her to get a restraining order.

*I didn't catch Blake's performance but the little snippet I saw at the end made it clear that he was still his cheesy self. Lame.

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