Monday, April 16, 2007

Debt in Texas?

I just completed my tax return--state and federal--and now I have a headache. I put it off to the last minute because I knew I was going to be cutting a check, and I would rather hold on to my money as long as possible. This marked the first time I'm not getting a refund. Next year I should be back in refund territory.

I hope.

The good news was that the amount I owed was less than I expected. Not by much, but enough for me to splurge today on a vanilla latte.

The deadline has been confusing to me. All the literature I have read suggested that it was today, the first business day after the 15th. However, a couple of people--my sister and a guy at the gym--told me that it was tomorrow due to Emancipation Day being celebrated in D.C. If they and Wikipedia are to be believed, then I actually have until tomorrow. Regardless, I'm parting with some money today or tomorrow.

It's just been a screwy day today. Something just felt off all day.

The shooting at Virginia Tech.

The nor'easter affecting the Boston Marathon.

The LA Weekly winning a Pulitzer Prize as the very deserving Jonathan Gold won for criticism, the first ever for a food critic.

The death of Don Ho.

Kate Middleton dumped by Prince William for being too common.

What a day!

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