Monday, April 02, 2007

My Favorite Weekend

I have added a new goal in life. I want to appear on the LA Times's My Favorite Weekend series. First I have to become a celebrity since it seems that only actors and actresses are allowed to enjoy a hike in Runyon Canyon and sushi at Nobu. Regular people don't have or deserve favorite weekends.

Frankly, the Times should infuse new blood into this series because these favorite weekends have been reading the same lately. Yoga, followed by breakfast at Fred 62, followed by a massage at some spa most of us can't afford, followed by lunch (often sushi), a hike somewhere, dinner at another pricey restaurant, and to prove they are just like us, the celebrity usually says they stay in on Saturday night to watch movies. Yeah, right. Sunday is usually a leisurely brunch, a day with the dogs, and more pricey meals. Celebrities never go to church.

I should try to write up my favorite weekend one of these days and perhaps post it here. As for my actual weekend, it's quite embarrassing. I stayed in. When I was younger I used to be embarrassed to tell anyone who asked that I stayed in during the weekend. Young folks are supposed to go out and have fun not stay in and watch "The Golden Girls" and "Empty Nest." But I often did and liked it. Nowadays, though, I go out far more frequently than I stay in, so it has become a luxury to stay in on a weekend. I look forward to quiet weekends. However, two of them in a row usually gets me restless.

On Saturday I finally watched Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story. Quite funny and a bit of a headscratcher. Sunday was laundry day. I do laundry every two or three weeks based on when I run out of underwear. I wasn't out but I didn't have enough to last me the week. I read through Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly and agreed with the majority on Who Wore It Best. I had KFC for dinner and settled in to watch "The Amazing Race" and a little of "The Apprentice." Then I slept.

The great thing about staying in this weekend, too, was that my knee got some much needed rest. It still doesn't feel normal but it hasn't felt this good in a long while. A few more days and I might barely feel it. I'm hoping to test it out later this week. I miss running.

Running, that's one thing that will certainly be in my favorite weekend.

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