Saturday, April 28, 2007

Death in the Arroyo!

It's a sensationalistic title, I know, but it is the truth. A dead body was found near the entrance to the trails leading up to JPL, along the golf course. I had just entered the trail when I saw Kate and a cop walking towards me. She told me to turn around and take a detour up Rosemont to Arroyo and get back on the trails from there. I didn't glimpse the body, but a couple of participants did and said that the woman clearly wasn't a homeless person. The cops also reassured Kate that the person wasn't a runner, implying that we shouldn't worry that a crazed maniac was preying on runners out on the trails. Most likely she was just with the wrong person.

All this time that I've run on the trails it has crossed my mind that there are good places there to hide a body. I'm not planning anything, but when you're running for hours at a time these things do cross your mind. There are far more secluded places higher up and I'm sure Angeles Crest is a popular place to dump bodies.

In contrast to this gruesome scene, a few hundred yards away the Rose Bowl was bustling with activity and I'm sure none of them knew what was going on not too far away. The parking lots were packed, but I got there early enough to not have to deal with the traffic. I counted four events taking place in the area. The biggest by far is the Walk for Autism. There were thousands of participants for that event. On the southside an area of the parking lot was being used to collect old electronic gadgets. The lot was also where those attending the Pasadena Showcase House of Design were parking and being shuttled to the event site. A little closer to the Aquatic Center, some sort of Tai-Chi event was also taking place.

Like I said in my last post, this weekend is busy with events, and it's a gorgeous weekend to be outdoors. There's no excuse to stay at home and it's probably too hot to just stew indoors. Get out there and do something!

As for my run today, I wound up running between 13 and 14 miles. The detour around the body added a half a mile to my run. It got hot out there and my time isn't the best. It was a struggle to get up to Elmer and I just felt sluggish the whole time. However, it feels great to run a long one. I may be able to do San Diego in June after all if things move smoothly.

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John P. McCann said...

Thanks for news flash, Raul. I drove past and saw the cops and the crime scene tape.

I hope they identify the woman and let her family know.

And I hope they catch whoever dumped her on a trail.