Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ice Cream Makes Things Better

Did you get your free scoop of Ben and Jerry's ice cream on Tuesday? I sure did. Two of them.

With the free gelato from Saturday, it has been a free ice cream week. They ought to make a national free ice cream day. I'm sure the crime will drop for the day. People usually hate waiting in lines, but they will do so with a smile if it's for free ice cream. There are no friendlier folks than those waiting for free ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better. Ice cream truly saves the day.

I don't feel too guilty about the extra calories consumed because I went on my longest run in a month today. Six miles. It was tough. I've felt great in the short runs I've done the last two weeks, but today's run was a struggle. It's likely due to being out of shape, but it's also possible that it was just a bad day for me. I ran the six miles in 55:30, but I really had to work for it. Here's hoping that I regain my level of fitness from just before the marathon and gear up for another race. The knee is holding up well, so I'm glad.

* * * * *

Tonight was country music night on "American Idol." Everyone did OK, but this was not a very thrilling night.

1. Melinda - Terrific as usual.

2. Jordin - A huge gap between her and Melinda. She sounded screechy in parts, but she had great control for the most part. I liked that her song built to its crescendo. Another preternatural performance from her.

3. Chris - He is nasally and I don't agree with his argument that it's "a form of singing." To me it's an affectation that hinders rather than helps him. Tonight it was on overdrive, especially early on. He has a fondness for slurred notes even if it doesn't help the song, perhaps confusing it for soulfulness. The song was bland but it had entertaining moments.

4. Blake - I really can't stand the guy and I still don't understand the adoration. To me he is a hack. Yet another cover of a cover, which like most copies of a copy resulted in a murky mess. He should have listened to the Ryan Adams version first because the Tim McGraw version is just about devoid of personality. Blake stripped it even more tonight until the song made no sense. The most overrated contestant of the season.

5. Phil - Definitely his kind of music, but he is still bland. At least the creepiness was toned down.

6. LaKisha - The song made no sense as she sang it. It sounded like two songs. The first part had her singing in a quiet, colorless manner. The second part turned into a loud mess. There was no natural progression between the two parts. She's in trouble.

7. Sanjaya - At least he is showing some improvement. Not his worst but certainlly another laughable effort.

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