Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Save Andy Barker!

I haven't been watching much regular TV the last few years. In fact, apart from "30 Rock," "24" and the occasional "The Office," my TV viewing is limited to reality shows, late night TV, HGTV and the Food Network. So it was a rare treat to enjoy Andy Richter's new show, "Andy Barker, P.I."

Sadly, NBC is canceling the show. Richter just can't catch a break. One of the funniest shows of the last decade was his first stab at a comedy series, "Andy Richter Saves the Universe," and that was canceled all too soon.

If Richter resorts to a stupid-run-of-the-mill sitcom I wouldn't blame him. Twice he has given the world a terrific show and the world repays him by not watching. He has saved the universe, now it's time for us to save him. Save Andy Barker!

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Anonymous said...

I just sent NBC an email, I'm like you, I do not watch a whole lot of TV but it always seems when I stumble across a show that is pure genius like Andy Barker PI it is gone to soon.