Friday, April 27, 2007

Saturday, Sunday...

Keep it under perspective...
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So what is everyone doing this weekend? There's not a lot worth seeing in movie theatres, but thankfully there are a lot of things going on that ought to keep everyone busy. If none of them appeal to you, you can always just pick up a book and read.

The last weekend of April is recognized as the best weekend weather of the year in southern California. It rarely rains on that weekend and the weather tends to be pleasant. This weekend, though, is bucking that trend. It's going to be hot. However, the big events scheduled for the weekend are still on: Coachella should be raging at this moment and the Festival of Books will be starting up tomorrow and wrapping up on Sunday.

I'm planning on hitting the Festival of Books on Sunday. The panels I would want to check out are on Saturday, but I'm too busy tomorrow to trek over to Westwood. Even if I don't sit in on a panel on Sunday, it would be pleasant to walk around campus and take pictures. It has been a few years since I last went to the Festival of Books. I went the first five years and enjoyed it immensely. My schedule just never worked out these past few years. But Sunday I shall arise bright and early to beat the crowds and enjoy the scenery of UCLA...fight! fight! fight!

On Saturday I'm going to get up early and help out at the Rose Bowl for TNT practice as well as get in my own run. Later in the evening a friend is hosting a party at his house in the 909. Somewhere in there I need to do laundry.

This weekend is also a busy time for marathons. A contingent of lady friends--the Glamour Girls--are in Nashville this weekend to run the Country Music Marathon tomorrow. I was hoping I would be able to join them, but it didn't work out. FJ is in Big Sur to run a marathon there on Sunday. It's supposed to be a hilly course and unseasonably warm, but he's incredibly fit and ought to do well. Best of luck to them!

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