Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who Sang It Best?

I didn't get home in time to see Melinda sing, so I can't rank her. Word is that she was good but not spectacular. But it seems like everyone had problems with Latin night. Just about everyone was unspectacular, and as a result, Sanjaya actually impressed (relatively speaking).

1. Blake - Blake was the best of a lackluster night, but he did so with his best performance to date. I'm still not impressed by him, though. He's gotten way too much praise for his originality when all he is doing is mimicking the versions he preferred. Because the judges don't seem to listen to contemporary music beyond Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, it all sounds fresh to them.

2. Jordin - Not her best performance, but she sang it credibly. I hear a Beyonce quality to her singing, a pliable, easily-digestible sound that should prove to be marketable. Still, I'm in shock that I much prefer Gloria Estefan's original. And I'm not a Gloria Estefan.

3. Lakisha - She doesn't connect with what she's singing nor the audience. It's all about her and her big voice. So when Lakisha is called to sing something that doesn't require her to bellow, it comes off as insincere and spiritless. It wasn't her worst performance, but she's no longer one of the favorites.

4. Chris - The beginning was shaky, but he quickly took off once he got to the chorus and finished strong. He's not incredibly original nor does he have great range, but there is an engaging quality to him when he's not trying to seduce the camera.

5. Sanjaya - Boy, that lecherous stare at the camera creeped me out. Beyond that, Sanjaya gave a credible performance. He had problems with the low notes, but he does have a smooth voice in the right range. He's still too immature to engage the material fully, and I doubt he ever will. But at least he wasn't the worst tonight.

6. Haley - Her eyebrows seemd overplucked. The singing was again bland and uninspired. The shorts were short. She didn't deny that she's using what sex appeal she has to gain votes.

7. Phil - Not his worst, and it actually started OK, but it veered off into creepy territory again. The voice cracks were painful. I also despise his pathetic ploys to gain sympathy votes. Every one does it, but he's too desperate when he does so. It's not a pretty sight.

***Again, didn't see Melinda, but I'm pretty sure I would have preferred it over everyone else.***

Oh, and what business does Jennifer Lopez have giving these kids singing advice?

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