Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fit and You Know It

I ought to start reviewing the various 24 Hour Fitness gyms in southern California. I live by two 24 Hour Sport gyms--Puente Hills and West Covina--but I rarely go to either one. Instead I have a tendency to tour the various 24 Hour gyms in the surrounding area. I most often frequent the gyms in Pasadena, but I also venture to the Brea gym once a week because the yoga instructor there is fantastic. I have nothing against the gyms near me, but it just worked out that I hang out a lot more in Pasadena because of my running and a lot of friends living there. But I will confess that the better scenery inside the Pasadena gyms was good motivation to work out there. I like to follow Barbara Walters's advice to relax and enjoy the view.

Tonight I tried out the new 24 Hour Fitness Magic Sport in Altadena. It's brand-spanking new, or relatively so. It's set up similarly to the Arclight: two stories, cardio machines on the first floor, weights upstairs. There's a basketball court, a large Group X room, a two lane pool, co-ed sauna and steam room. As can be expected of a new gym, the equipment is clean and new. There are plenty of machines to use and there's plenty of space to spread out.

However, it is surprising to note the number of treadmills out of commission. Quite a few of them weren't working, including ones that weren't even marked as "out of order." The one I used tonight kept slowing down to a crawl. Because of all the broken treadmills, people had to wait.

The gym wasn't particularly busy. Perhaps not everyone is aware of its existence. Even at 6:30 the gym wasn't crowded. Hopefully it can remain a secret. Otherwise more people will take advantage of the free parking.

Overall, a good gym. As can be expected from 24 Hour Fitness, the place is clean and well-maintained. It makes for an enjoyable work out.

* * * * *

I wasn't too surprised or sad about the departure of Haley from "American Idol." I was hoping it would be Phil, but Haley was a good alternate. I'm hoping that finally the show will put Phil (and me) out of misery.

As for Sanjaya, the show seems to be treating him as a joke. Ryan's toying with Sanjaya's anticipation is cruel and mean-spririted. He's not the worst singer of the show's history, but he is likable and utterly harmless.

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